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Catching a bee swarm

Catching a swarm is the art of getting all (…ok, most!) of the bees, including the queen, into a hive.

No two swarms catches are the same. The bees can vary in number from a few hundred to tens of thousands, be in different locations such as up a tree (from near the ground to 8-10 metres), or inside a container or a wall etc. The art of swarm catching involves being able to adapt to any situation and to collect the bees so that they survive.

We’ve videoed many swarms that we have collected and these are available to view on our YouTube channel here.

Many people ask us what its like when bees swarm, so here’s a video of what it’s like to walk into the middle of a swarm

This bee swarm was collected in Glenfield, Auckland.

Here’s a video of one of the larger (and easier!) swarms we’ve collected

We are fortunate to have a bloke called Trev Gillbanks who is the guru of practical bee keeping in New Zealand. Trev has a YouTube channel that covers many aspects of practical bee keeping. In the videos below, Trev shows how he’s collected some bee swarms.

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