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What can you do if bees get into a wall or roof cavity?

What can you do if bees get into a wall or roof cavity?


Bees in the wall or roof ..

Bees naturally swarm to look for a new place to set up a hive. They normally swarm to a tree, however in some cases the scout bees will look for a hole in a wall (between bricks, or a crack in some weatherboards). They will try to establish a hive inside a wall cavity or roof space.

Once the bees have swarmed around the entrance and the queen has entered into the cavity, there is a very small chance that they can be removed. Many attempts have been made to smoke out bees, leave honey at the entrance, or even set up a hive nearby. In the vast majority of cases these attempts are unsuccessful.

Once they are past the swarming stage, there are only two realistic alternatives:

1. Pull apart the wall or roof where they are located. This is quite invasive and expensive and there isn’t any guaranty of success. This isn’t something that Bee Swarm normally undertakes.

2. Extermination. We are here to save bees. However, while this is the absolute last resort, sometimes it’s the only pragmatic option. If this is the only option, then we recommend that you contact an experienced professional here.

Unfortunately Bee Swarm is unable to assist in these instances as the bees have gone past the swarming stage.

Here’s an example of bees that have found a home inside a wall.


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